Collaborative partnership

Founded in 2002, the Graduate Institute of Intellectual Property (IIP) is the first intellectual property oriented graduate institute in Taiwan and has Dr. Liu, Paul Chang-Bin as our first Director. We are committed to forging partnerships with other academic units of NCCU, other universities, corporate affiliates, and community organizations. First, we plan to set up a technology management group (picture 1)that integrates the sources from TIM, Center for Technology Policy and Law, and Graduate Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Management, which is to be founded with one another . Second, we are collaborating with TIM, College of Commerce, College of Law, Industrial Technology Research Institute, and Yang-Ming University to build up a supportive intellectual Property education resources strategic alliance. At last, a complete academic-research strategic alliance shall be forged by our institute, National Science Council, Council of Agriculture, Industrial Development Bureau, Smal and Medium Enterprise Administration, and Intellectual Property Office. Our ultimate goal is to form a College of Technology Management based on the results of each graduate institute's academic efforts and to foster the personnel for the development and academic research of Technology Industry in Taiwan.



IIP/NCCU is currently in full collaboration with the Graduate Institute of Technology and Innovation Management (TIM), and the College of Law within the NationalChengchiUniversity in developing cross-discipline curriculum and many other activities.In addition, through TIM, the IIP is carrying out programs developed under the strategic alliance arrangement with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), and the School of Life Sciences at the National Yang Ming University, including, among other things, the Program on Biotechnology Management.The IIP also maintains close contact and working relationship with the National Science Council, Council of Agriculture, Industrial Development Bureau, Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, and Taiwan Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs.Internationally, the IIP has established formal cooperation and exchange relationship with the GeorgeWashingtonUniversityLawSchool, University of Washington Business School, the Max-Planck-Institut für Geistiges Eigentum, Wettbewerbs- und Steuerrecht and University of California at Santa Cruz.


MainLand China
Peking University

George Washington University

Tsing Hua University
Office of Technology Licensing, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

HuaZhong University of Science & Technology
Business School, University of Washington

Shanghai University
Asia Pacific Legal Institute

Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology

Chinese Academy of Science

Tongji University, Intellectual Property Institute

Institute of IP, the RCAST, the University of Tokyo

Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property

Institute of IP, Inc.

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